5 Keys to Successfully Partnering with a Staffing Service

5 Keys to Successfully Partnering with a Staffing Service

5 Keys to Successfully Partnering with a Staffing Service

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When engaging a staffing service to help with a staffing need, mention all the duties, skills, experience, certifications, education/training, or other qualifications that you require in the candidate you’re seeking.

Discuss and reach an agreement with the staffing service on the compensation range and associated bill rate range when placing the order.

Let the staffing service know your selection process.  Do you simply want the staffing service to select the best candidate, and have him/her start on a given date, or do you plan on interviewing the candidate (or multiple candidates)?

How would you like the candidate(s) presented, verbally over the phone, or by resume, and to whom should the candidate(s) be presented?

Let the staffing service know the benefits and “perks” of working for your company (in addition to things like health insurance and vacation time off).  Why would someone want to work for your company.  This will enable them to better “sell” the position, and your company, to prospective candidates.


Take action

Be ready to interview (or to at least make a decision on each candidate presented).  When a candidate is presented to you it means that they have already expressed interest in the job, and  your company.  When there is a lack of response or a long wait the candidate loses excitement for the position and the company


Provide feedback

The staffing service needs to know if the resumes sent to you are a hit, in the ballpark, or a complete miss.  When it is a miss, give the staffing service feedback as to why you feel that the candidate is not a good fit.  Information like this will help the staffing service focus their search, and help ensure that they do not waste your time by presenting similar candidates.

Return emails or phone calls promptly.  Job orders that are not given priority by you, are not given priority by the staffing service.  Remember, too, that candidates presented may have multiple job opportunities.  Hesitating on a good candidate could result in losing them to another employer.


Close the order

Once the order has been filled, whether by a candidate your company hired directly, or by a candidate from a staffing service, inform any staffing services that you engaged for the position.


Keep an open requisition for your “dream candidate”

Everyone has a “dream” candidate that they would hire on the spot if they ever came across him/her.  It may be someone with a certain skill set, college major, language skill, etc.  Let your staffing service know what’s on your wish list of dream candidates.  If that candidate ever comes across the desk of the staffing services, they will know to send it to you first.

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