Whatever your staffing needs, Flex-Staff will find the perfect match.

Our Service Commitments

  • Flex-Staff employees will be fully tested. We use a battery of validated clerical and industrial proficiency tests, and send out only people who match client  specifications.
  • Flex-Staff will check references on all of our employees before their first assignment. We confirm work history, quality of work, dependability and ability to get along. Only people who meet our high standards are referred.
  • Flex-Staff will learn its clients’ needs first hand. Someone from our staff will personally visit the premises of all clients to get a deeper insight into how to serve them better.
  • Flex-Staff will assign employees with regard to “fit” as well as skills. Having learned our clients’ needs by personal visit, we will take into account attitude, personality, and appearance to be sure our employees are right in every way.
  • Flex-Staff will reassign the same people whenever requested and possible. When one of our employees has done a particularly good job, we’ll try hard to make sure our client gets the same person next time.
  • Flex-Staff will exhibit a sense of urgency in everything it does. Whether it’s filling a work order, returning a call or getting back with an answer to a question, we will do it swiftly, thus earning the reputation of a very responsive staffing service.
  • Flex-Staff will not mistake silence for satisfaction. We won’t assume everything’s fine. We’ll check in periodically to find out how our employees are doing. Keeping in touch heads off problems before they occur.
  • Flex-Staff employees will be guaranteed. If any Flex-Staff employee fails to perform to the client’s satisfaction within the first 4 hours, they will pay nothing and a suitable replacement will be found.

How We Work

From recruiting, screening, and reference checking to testing and interviewing, we make sure that every applicant meets our strict employment standards before we make a hiring decision. We then maintain a database of immediately available employees who are carefully matched to the specific requirements of each assignment.
While utilizing the services of one of our employees, clients simply pay a weekly invoice. We take care of all pre-employment paperwork including new hire reporting, I-9 verification, weekly paychecks and all required withholding, unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation and year-end W2s.

Benefits to You

Utilizing Flex-Staff for your staffing needs has numerous benefits.

  • We’re easy to use
  • You get qualified people – state of the art testing
  • You can “try before you hire”
  • You get faster response than placing classified ads
  • You maintain a smooth workflow
  • There is no expense or hassle of recruiting and screening people yourself
  • Your personnel costs are flexible
  • There is no unemployment compensation impact on your company
  • Paperwork is kept to a minimum

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