October Newsletter

The Disappearing Workforce  With an increasing demand for employees and unemployment rates hovering around 5%, no one is surprised that good employees are harder than ever to find.  But what is surprising is the fact that as of September of 2015, a record 94,031,000 Americans are not in the labor force. read more..




September Newsletter

NLRB Expands Joint Employment Definition

 On August 27, 2015, the NLRB voted 3-2 to expand the definition of joint employment, allowing a union to negotiate with a staffing buyer over both directly hired and staffing firm workers. (read more)



August Newsletter

E-Verify Changes Proposed  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced proposed modifications to the E-Verify employment eligibility program that would include requiring participating employers to re-verify employees whose work   –
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July Temptation Newsletter

DOL Proposes Change to OT Pay Rules for Exempt Employees


Nearly 5 million more Americans would qualify for overtime pay under new rules proposed recently by the Obama administration, a long-anticipated move expected to affect a broad swath of salaried employees from store managers to social workers to restaurant shift supervisors.- Read More

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