Services We Offer

Traditional temporary staffing – When your company needs employees for special projects, peak workloads, vacation fill-ins, or to cover for illness or injury, you can utilize the services of Flex-Staff’s fully screened employees for as little as 4 hours, or for weeks, months, or even years. No more mandatory overtime when things are busy, or layoffs when things are slow. Utilizing Flex-Staff allows your company to maintain a “core” staff of your own employees, and then fluctuate your workforce to match your workload. This makes your employees happier, your company more profitable, and your job a lot easier.

Temporary to hire – Looking to add staff to your payroll? Let Flex-Staff find you the perfect employees who have been screened, tested, interviewed, reference checked, and matched to the specific needs of your company. And there’s no additional fee to hire a Flex-Staff employee once they have worked a required minimum number of hours on assignment at your company. Need to hire sooner? Flex-Staff employees may be hired onto the payroll of your company at any time for a fee, which is prorated based on the number of hours they have worked toward the minimum hours requirement. Whether your company needs one employee for one day, or hundreds of employees for a long-term project, Flex-Staff has the resources, experience, and expertise to handle any staffing need.

Direct placement – Hiring top talent for your company just got a lot easier with Flex-Staff. As a licensed placement agency, Flex-Staff is able to recruit, screen, interview, reference check, test, and select the perfect candidates for your hard to fill or higher-level positions. You can then place them directly on your payroll for a one-time fee. Flex-Staff’s direct placements come with our free replacement guarantee! If an employee hired under Flex-Staff’s direct placement program resigns or is discharged for any reason during the first 60 days of employment, Flex-Staff will find your company a replacement at no additional cost to you. If we are unable to find a replacement within 30 days, Flex-Staff will refund your original placement fee.

Payroll Service Plus – Flex-Staff’s Payroll Service Plus (PSP) is far more than a paycheck writing and accounting service. This comprehensive program enables our client companies to utilize the services of employees they have recruited, screened, interviewed, and selected for employment, without assuming the employer/employee relationship, and associated responsibilities. As the employer of record, Flex-Staff handles all pre-employment paperwork, I-9 verification, federal E-Verification, timekeeping, payroll processing, and year-end W2s. We also provide workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation insurance, and a host of employee benefits. You simply verify the hours worked by the employees, and pay a weekly invoice. The best part is that employees utilized under Flex-Staff’s PSP program are not classified as “independent contractors,” they are actual W2 employees of Flex-Staff.