Wonderlic Testing

Flex-Staff is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Wonderlic, Inc., one of the oldest and most trusted names in testing, to offer our clients three of their most popular and predictive tests; Contemporary Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Risk Profile, and Seven-Factor Personality Profile.

Does the candidate you are considering hiring possess the intelligence to learn and do the job?  Do they have a personality that will enable them to be successful in the position you are considering them for?  Do they have the integrity to work responsibly and productively, and adhere to company policies?  Whether you are hiring on your own, hiring through a staffing service, or using temporary employees, Wonderlic testing can help take some of the guesswork out of selecting the best candidates.

All testing is done in our office to ensure the integrity and validity of the tests, and results are available within minutes.  The cost per test performed is:

Cognitive Ability: $25.00

Personality: $75.00

Behavioral Risk: $45.00

Package of all three tests: $125.00

For additional information on the Wonderlic tests available, please see the attached documents.

Behavioral Risk Profile

Contemporary Cognitive Ability

Seven-Factor Personality Profile

If you have any questions regarding the tests, or would like to arrange testing for one of your own employees or applicants, or for a Flex-Staff candidate that you are considering, contact your local Flex-Staff office for details.