Flex-Staff uses the federal E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility of all newly-hired employees. E-Verify allows employers to compare data from an employee’s I9 form with records in the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases.
With E-Verify, we are able to know within minutes if there are employment eligibility issues with any of our employees and we are able to direct the employees to take steps to resolve those issues or, if necessary, terminate them.
Flex-Staff chose to implement this program to better serve our client companies. By using E-Verify we can insure that all Flex-Staff employees are legally eligible for employment in the United States. This means a reduction in risk for both Flex-Staff and our client companies as well as an elimination of the time and expense of having to deal with issues resulting from the unintended employment of undocumented workers.
E-Verify is just another one of the many ways that Flex-Staff strives to provide superior client satisfaction.