Don’t Believe the Hype…

We’ve all watched TV late at night and paused on an “infomercial” claiming that not only is some new gadget better than anything else on the market, but that if we just “act now” we can get two for the price of one! Some people are so eager to believe that someone has finally built not only a “better mousetrap”, but a cheaper mousetrap, that they’re willing to take their chances. In the end, these products almost never live up to the hype.
In the case of a staffing service where the “product” is people, there will always be someone trying to convince you that their cheaper mousetrap is also a better mousetrap, but quality employees are not built, they must be recruited, screened, interviewed, tested, reference checked, and finally matched to the specific needs of your company. And there are no shortcuts.
Flex-Staff does all of these things, and more, to deliver the highest level of service and the most qualified employees to our clients, because regardless of what you’re shopping for, getting a “good deal” doesn’t mean paying the lowest possible price, it means getting the best value for your money.